The Quiet Glen Temple

The Quiet Glen Temple


Our instructors and mentors are available to old and new students alike:

  • To teach about the Buddha
  • To introduce students to the life story of the Buddha in such a way that they will be inspired to feel they can rely on his teachings and follow his example.
  • To teach the Dharma
  • To help students realise that the Dharma is truly unique, a precious gift to us, conducive to personal and collective peace and happiness.
  • To inspire students to want to find out more about the Dharma, with a motivation of genuine interest rather than for ulterior motives such as material gain or praise.
  • To awaken, encourage or nourish in students a love of peace and truth for their own sake and a desire to live in a better world, free from suffering, now and in the future.

    Our centre provides resources for a healthy living with a library, meditation area and a small book store.
  • The Quiet Glen Temple

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