Rank 5 - Elder

Elders are at the peak of their ability as Garou. They stand forth as paragons of their respective communities, receiving respect and obedience from all others.

Requirements: In addition to Renown requirements for their Auspice, elders must hole at least one of the sept’s elder positions; elder of an auspice, elder of a tribe, elder of a breed, sept leader, Warder, Master of the Rite or Master of the Challenge. Elders can be elder of a tribe, auspice or breed and also sept leader, Master of the Rite or Master of the Challenge.

Duties: As auspice, tribe or breed elder, you are ultimately responsible for the well-being of all Garou of that type within your sept. They need you to instruct them, lead them, represent their interests when conflicts arise … and also to discipline them when they fail. You can veto Renown nominations, and should take this responsibility seriously. As elder of a tribe, you can adopt new members and expel existing ones who commit sufficiently heinous deeds. As elder of a breed, you are expected to deal with the non-Garou population of that sort in the surrounding areas.

Privileges: Only a council of elders can judge elders. Elders are largely free to do as they wish as long as they discharge their duties.

Rank 5 - Elder

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