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Notable Locations and Businesses

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Canadian Museum of Nature
Entrodyne Pharmaceuticals
Genesocial Mapping Institution
Golden Health Charity Organization
Golden Valley Casino
Hestia Shelter
Jester’s Restaurant
King Edward Estates
Ottawa General Hospital
Place St-George
Saint Benedict’s Shelter
The Quiet Glen Temple
The Shark Tank Bar and Grill
Vulcan Industries and subsidiaries

The Characters

Notable Kinfolk

Notable NPC’s

Allies, Contacts and People that People Know

Extra Cast Members

The Packs

The Elders of Ottawa

Totem: City Father
Augustin Fulgar, Adren Philodox Shadow Lord, Alpha
Roman Hunter, Adren Theurge Glass Walker, Beta
Sebastian Harris, Adren Ahroun Silver Fang
David Rho, Adren Galliard Stargazer
Callista Skia, Adren Ragabash Black Fury

The Street Healer Pack

Totem: Bear
Carmine “Wall Breaker” West, Fostern Philodox Glass Walker Alpha
Kelly “Ball Buster” Taylor, Fostern Galliard Bone Gnawer Beta
Eddie Snow, Fostern Theurge Black Fury

Thunder’s Children

Totem: Storm
Stephen ‘Calls the Lightning’ Antonescu, Fostern Ahroun Shadow Lord Alpha
Vanessa ‘Storm Daughter’ Dalca, Fostern Ragabash Shadow Lord Beta
Gregor Vifor, Fostern Theurge Shadow Lord

The Loner

Personal Totem: Owl
Trevor “Gathers the Fallen” Wade, Galliard Fostern Silent Strider

Totems of Ottawa

Bear, patron totem of the Street Healer Pack
City Father, patron totem of the Elder Pack
Owl, patron and solitary totem of Gathers the Fallen
Storm, patron totem of Thunder’s Children

  • The above Totems have been selected before the characters have had a chance to pick theirs. If one of the above Totems makes sense for the characters to have, then the NPC’s will have another Totem selected for them.


Benevolent and Friendly

Bill Ward, The Ward of the Civic Hospital, Security Guard of the Civic Hospital

Legendary Items

The Gear

The .45
The Lockpicks
The Shovel

The Tribes

Black Furies
Bone Gnawers
Children of Gaia
Glass Walkers
Red Talons
Shadow Lords
Silent Striders
Silver Fangs

The Auspices


Ranks and Responsibilities

Rank 0 – Cub
Rank 1 – Cliath
Rank 2 – Fostern
Rank 3 – Adren
Rank 4 – Athro
Rank 5 – Elder

Lexicon of the Garou

Common Parlance – These words are in common use among the Garou and are used by Elder and Cliath alike
Vulgar Argot – The younger Garou tend to use these words to help distinguish themselves from their Elders. Sometimes spoken away from said Elders.
Old Form – These words hail from the distant past of the Garou and display their Fianna origins. They no longer share the frequency as they once did, but the odd Elder use them, and some insist that the young Garou speak them in their presence.


The most powerful, evocative and effective way to communicate with other werewolves is by howling. Enormous amounts of information can be condensed into a few wailing sounds. All of them incorporate the Garou language, although not all of them are as “high-falutin’” as the High Tongue. Just as every Philodox studies the litany, any Galliard should be well versed in all the common howls.

Howls can vary greatly from one sept to another – enough so that an attentive Galliard may even be able to recognize a performer’s tribe or auspice, or possibly part of his personality. Optionally, a Storyteller may allow a Galliard skilled in expression or performance to convey further information. Thirteen of the most commonly used howls are listed in the indicated link below. Sane Garou use 12 of them, while one is reserved for a fallen tribe.

Types of howls
Howling and wolf-noises

Size Comparison

Although players have the chance to check out their character sheets when at the game, they might not have the opportunity to see the difference in sizes in their different forms. This picture will help those players get an idea of what each form looks like and their relative sizes.

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