Pike Hammond

Jack-of-all-Trades, Under-achiever


Name: Pike Hammond
Date of Birth: X-XX-XXX
Age: 21 years, X months

  • Above normal intelligence and mental coping strategies
  • Escapist and a dreamer
  • Possible Schizophrenia

DSM-IV Multiaxial Diagnosis
Axis I:
Axis II:
Axis III:
Axis IV:
Axis V:


Notes from the Doctor:

Quintessential slacker who still lives with his parents. Although quite intelligent and gifted in many areas, his parents support him in his decisions with the hope that their early-twenty’s son can get onto his feet.

Of course, he has no ambition to do much of anything. A constant daydreamer and lacking in any vision or goal, his parents ‘coaxed’ him into attending the program with the hopes that it would give him some ideas and goals for the future. They promised not to evict him if he were to attend the full term of the course. Naturally, he accepted. He seems to care more about the free food and a chance to get out of the house with the promise of free rent.

He is also confrontational. Although he is somewhat reticent in joining in or starting a reasonable conversation, he prefers to constantly question the resident authority figures. It may be believed that he does so to overcompensate for his inadequacies or that he is vying for attention over the females of the group with the other male.

Pike Hammond

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