Jackopa Lastrun

Quiet, intelligent Native who wants to make it on his own


Name: Jackpa Lastrun
Date of Birth: 4-15-1986
Age: 26 years, 1 month

Above normal intelligence and mental coping strategies
Escapist and a dreamer
Possible Schizophrenia
DSM-IV Multiaxial Diagnosis
Axis I:
Axis II:
Axis III:
Axis IV:
Axis V:


Notes from the Doctor:

Jackopa lived most of his life on a local reserve, waiting for the moment to break out on his own. Being the first in his family to have gone to college, there is more than enough pressure upon his shoulders to succeed. This would explain his constant drifting throughout the session: his mind is clearly on other things.

While intelligent and perceptive, he is easily distracted and seems to quietly find an interest in the two females of the group. I will suggest separating he and the other male into another program away from the two females of the group.

Jackopa Lastrun

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