Vulcan Industries and subsidiaries


Vulcan Industries
Parent Company

Type: Iron and Steel Industry
Established: 1878
Notable Feats:

  • 2011 Fortune 500 Company (Ranked #500)
  • Market Value: $2 815.0 million
  • Although it fell to bankruptcy in 1931, it was revitalized in 1939

    The parent company to Vesta Manufacturing and A&G Corporation, the Vulcan Industries head office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has remained strong since the late 30’s. Also located in Savannah Georgia, Raleigh North Carolina and Dallas Texas, Vulcan Industries has been integral in several green-project initiatives and has helped pave the way for pressuring other companies to follow suit.

    Vesta Manufacturing

    Type:Mining and Mineral Excavation
    Established: 1966
    Notable Feats:

  • 2011 Fortune 500 Company (Ranked #500)
  • Market Value: $296.6 million
  • Featured in Forbes 1987 article “Emeralds: The New American Green”

    Located 40 kilometres north-east of Ottawa, Vulcan Industries boasts the newest of job opportunities for the Eastern Ontario / South-Western Quebec. Although the company started as a smaller project to mine emeralds, it began developing other procedures in different parts of the world to assist in its parent company with environmentally safe excavating and extractions. With its location in Quebec, it is searching for and refining felspar.

    A&G Corporation

    Type:Lead Refinery
    Established: 1974
    Notable Feats:

  • Market Value: $17.4 million

    The ‘little brother’ in the Vulcan Family, A&G Corporation is no less impressive. (more to follow)

  • Vulcan Industries and subsidiaries

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