Rank 4 - Athro

Ahtro are known widely in the Garou Nation. Not many Adren survive and prosper enough to make to this Rank, and all who achieve it have earned respect and authority. Other Garou come to them for advice and respect the answers they get.

Requirements: In addition to Renown requirements of their Auspice, Ahtro should fill one of the elder positions in a sept: elder of an auspice, elder of a tribe, elder of a breed, sept leader, Warder, Master of the Rite or Master of the Challenge. Some duties overlap, and an Athro may hold more than one of these positions. Ahtro can only advance to elder rank by challenging the current holder of one of these positions or by waiting for a vacancy to open.

Duties: Lead your pack, your sept or both. Be ready to receive guiding visions, to organize and lead quests and missions. You must face danger to set the example for others, and must not court dishonour by commanding others to take risks you’re not prepared to face yourself.

Privileges: Only a sept’s council of elders can judge Athro; all challenges and complaints go through them. Athro get their pick of juicy assignments, and are considered teachers by all younger Garou.

Rank 4 - Athro

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