Rank 3 - Adren

Adren are part of the elite within the Garou Society. Most Garou don’t make it this far, whether it’s because of dying along the way or because of never managing to earn the necessary Renown. Adren lead the Garou Nation in routine matters.

Requirements: In addition to Renown requirements for their Auspices, Adren must be in training for one of the sept’s positions. They must challenge and defeat a fellow Adren in a contest given elder approval. (This doesn’t affect the victor’s Renown, though a particularly humiliating defeat may cost the lose some Glory.) The challenge may be physical, mental, social or something else altogether.

Duties: Sever the elder who trains you; this will take most of your time. You may take on lesser sept offices like Keeper of the Land, Gatekeeper, Guardian and Den Mother / Father, and performing them well shows your fitness and dedication. Train Fostern and Cliath so that someday they might do as well as you, or even better. Remember that while your responsibilities are sometimes great, your authority is often limited, and you will need to use ingenuity as well as force to do your duty.

Privileges: Fostern and Claith must address Adren with terms of respect, or the Adren can demand justice (and receive it). Adren who know the Rite of Binding can create talens for themselves and others. They’re known beyond their own sept, generally within their own tribe. They can demand that the sept provide living space (even if just communal quarters), although the demand often seems petty or even unwise.

Note: Most Adren are in line for sept positions. They’re under scrutiny. Ragabash can earn Renown for exposing their failings and vices, Theurges for exposing their follies, and so on. Adren are expected to set good examples.

Rank 3 - Adren

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