Rank 2 - Fostern

Most Garou who hold positions at the sept level have achieved Fostern rank. They’ve made some mark on the world and gotten the Renown to prove it, and they’ve survived dangers that destroyed their less successful peers. Fostern are considered mature in Garou Society. They are expected to attend moots, fulfil the roles assigned to their auspice and to master the ways of their breed and tribe.

Requirements: As per the Renown on their Auspice.

Duties: Serve your sept. In addition to the basic duties you’ve performed before, you now bear greater responsibilities for its safety and success. You will sometimes command younger Garou, and their actions will reflect back on your ability.

Privileges: Fostern can learn Rank 2 Gifts as well as petitioning for justice and challenging for Rank when appropriate. They can usually gain access to the caern, and can request moon bridges for serious tasks, although frivolous requests eventually earn loss of Wisdom. The term “fostern” also refers to pack brothers and sisters, and within the pack Rank distinctions are less important, though they never become trivial.

Rank 2 - Fostern

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