Rank 1 - Cliath

Cliaths have completed their Rite of Passage and are accepted as a full-fledged (though still young) member of the Garou Nation. They cannot hold sept office or lead outside their pack, and they are constantly watched. Now they must submit to Garou justice, and there’s little margin for clowning around or taunting their elders. Gaia’s warriors do not tolerate insubordination in the ranks and do not find pranking of supervisors and veterans amusing, and do harshly penalize young Garou who fail to grasp the basic realities of their condition. Cliath are expected to explore their new abilities and demonstrate their strengths individually and in cooperation with their allies.

Requirements: In addition to Renown requirements of their Auspices, Cliath must learn three initial Gifts and swear loyalty to their sept or tribe. This usually takes place at a ceremony immediately after their Rite of Passage.

Duties: Serve your sept regularly. This may involve minor jobs such as assisting the Keeper of the Land, patrol and guard duty or helping elders prepare for complicated rites. The Cliath is expected to do the duties assigned to you and to do them well. You are not expected to find it all fun, but you may learn something and may sometimes get the opportunity to earn Renown.

Privileges: Cliath can petition for justice, challenge for higher Rank when they have sufficient Renown and can usually enter the caern. Elders allow Cliath some measure of independence and just plain screwing up, but being young and inexperienced isn’t license for abuse.

Rank 1 - Cliath

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