The Full Moon
The Warrior

The Garou are a race designed for war, and among the five Auspices, the Ahroun best reflect that original purpose. They also begin with the most Rage, the primal anger that Luna has granted them to protect Gaia. In a sense, their nature is a simple one, as their task is a clear and narrowly defined one. They may act as soldiers or grunts, war leaders or Warders, but universally their claws are soaked in blood and they are the ones to act first when a battle is at hand.

Their affinity for warfare is not merely in their Rage and their Gifts, but also in their instincts and their mind. The Ahroun are innately suited to war, including tactics and strategy – a good warrior is not just one who fights well, but one who fights effectively. Within a pack, the job of the Ahroun is to take charge in the midst of battle and to protect their packmates.

The most important form of Renown for Ahroun is Glory followed by Honor; Wisdom is considered tertiary to their sacred task. As Glory is the form of Renown that is most quickly obtained, Ahroun tend to ascend in Rank more quickly than others. That said, they rarely achieve the higher ranks due to their high mortality rates.

Although the Garou as a whole have a high mortality rate, Ahroun lead in that respect. Thus, an Ahroun who achieves the status of Elder is a rare beast, and also an awe-inspiring one. Some tribes – such as the Silver Fangs – regard Ahroun as greatly important; only an Ahroun may become King. Among Sept positions, Ahroun are most likely to be found as Wyrm Foe or the Warder.

Ahroun of the Waxing Moon are considered more straight-forward and more fervent seekers of Glory; those of the Waning Moon are considered to be more concerned with asserting dominance.


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