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The First Firsting; Lessons in Love
Notes of Carmine “Wall Breaker” West, Alpha of the Street Healer Pack

We knew that there were cubs in the city, we just didn’t know where, or how many. A few days ago, both of those questions were answered.

Of all places, at the General Hospital is ‘where’, and initially we caught a Kinfetch for one of them after she popped and killed about five guards. We acted fast, though. Faster than I thought! Roman was the first to issue the order. He told us computer-savvy folk to clamp down on centralizing the threat and minimizing it in general order. Augustin went to work with the legalize, and we had this in the bag in a matter of minutes. We still have to get something in the media, though, but we changed what we could. “Psychotic patient went to town with a hacksaw” is basically what it read. Either way, we had it changed.

But it still sent off alarms to most of the supernaturals around. All the spirits went ape-shit, and now they are an high-alert.

The cubs – of which we learned there are seven of – went into hiding, contrary to our best efforts. But we still tracked them down. After getting a briefing of some nearby street-spirits and performing the Rite of the Questing Stone, Kelly was able to get in touch with the cubs and tell them what’s what.

We got them out of the hell-hole shack that they were staying at and put them up into one of our comfortable safe-houses. It was a pretty rough night, so most of them crashed, but Jack, Mara and Mike. Pike joined us later on in the evening when I came back up to talk to them about a few things.

I covered the Litany, the War of Tears, the basics of the War of Rage, Harano, the Delirium and the Impergium, the separation of the Stargazers and the current state of affairs and a possible Garou Civil War. Of course, I told them my side of the story of most of these, and possible interpretations. It might not be how other Philodoxes teach things, but this is how I did it. I also told these four that they are going to be going to Kingston to meet up with the Elders of Ottawa, and to meet up with their Den Father. In a way, I hope it’s me; I’ve already told them so much, but at the same time I don’t want them to get with Thunder’s Children.

Change in Management
What's a little B&E Among Friends?

To: Classified
From: Dr. Christopher Fields
Date: May 27, 2012

With the removal of the now discredited Doctor Dylan Lane, it seems that we have an opening within the program. But before we convene to determine his replacement, please allow me to recap the events that lead to his termination and subsequent incarceration.

His constant flux of mental stability as well as the lax control over his emotions have always been a large concern of both this company and of the security of the hospital; this is no secret. His actions of the past two days have jeopardized the program and called into question the intent of its existence.

Upon the morning of Thursday, May 25 2012, he brought forth allegations that his office was broken into and he was vandalized. After assessing the situation, the authorities were called and an investigation was pending. This was the beginning of his descent into madness, as it was the catalyst that drove him to the breaking point.

We had ceased the program for the day, allowing the patients to return home.

The following day, he was enraged when he reported that his office was on the receiving end of another break-in. When he approached the patients of the program, he was belligerent, racist and displayed otherwise inappropriate behaviour that was befitting both a professional physician as well as a staff of this organization.

After being asked to leave – twice – by the patients of the program, he called for security as he believed his life was in danger. As the hospital security was occupied with another matter, GMI security was detailed to accompany me to interview the patients. After a quick and otherwise sub-routine questioning, I found that the four patients provided not reason for continued security. However, to be certain that none of them would be harmed, a small unit was placed for the protection of said patients.

It was later discovered that the offender – Dylan Lane – had proceeded to stalk a patient after the program was finished, and terrorize the poor individual at their place of residence. In an altercation, Lane was shot in the shoulder and placed under police custody and brought to Ottawa General Hospital for his wounds.

He will remain here under 24-hour security detail issued by the hospital (both house and GMI security will be on hand), and once he has recuperated from his physical wounds, he will undergo severe psychological evaluation.

Although under normal circumstances I would not oversee such a procedure, I find that I am the only one capable of discussing anything with Mister Lane at the moment until a more suitable replacement should come. Until that time, I will prescribe 300 mg of dibenzothiazepine derivative (Seroquel) over the course of a month and I will then begin to evaluate where it is that he should be transferred to next.

Christopher Fields,

Introduction, Part One

To: Dr. Christopher Fields
From: Dr. Dylan Lane
Date: May 18, 2012

We held the first introductory session on Saturday to a small group of four patients. Not surprising for this area, three of them are First Nations (Elizabeth Wescott, Jakopa Lastrun and Pike Hammond) while the fourth to the circle is Indian (Marimara Ordest). Although Jakopa and Marimara were relatively well-behaved, Elizabeth was somewhat reticent on following rules, and Pike was quite confrontational.

Through their initial session, each seemed to pass in and out of consciousness, falling into a sort of waking dream-state. There were times when talking with others in the group, those that were not active would whisper to themselves or, at the very least, mutter under their breath. Although it is far too early to suggest such things, I highly recommend each undergo supervision during their stay within the hospital.

I am told that we may be joined by up to three or four more during day hospital? I might have my hands full with this crew as it stands, and if the second group is anything like the first, I’m not sure I’ll be suitable or equipped to deal with them all.

Dylan Lane, M.D.


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