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Introduction, Part One

To: Dr. Christopher Fields
From: Dr. Dylan Lane
Date: May 18, 2012

We held the first introductory session on Saturday to a small group of four patients. Not surprising for this area, three of them are First Nations (Elizabeth Wescott, Jakopa Lastrun and Pike Hammond) while the fourth to the circle is Indian (Marimara Ordest). Although Jakopa and Marimara were relatively well-behaved, Elizabeth was somewhat reticent on following rules, and Pike was quite confrontational.

Through their initial session, each seemed to pass in and out of consciousness, falling into a sort of waking dream-state. There were times when talking with others in the group, those that were not active would whisper to themselves or, at the very least, mutter under their breath. Although it is far too early to suggest such things, I highly recommend each undergo supervision during their stay within the hospital.

I am told that we may be joined by up to three or four more during day hospital? I might have my hands full with this crew as it stands, and if the second group is anything like the first, I’m not sure I’ll be suitable or equipped to deal with them all.

Dylan Lane, M.D.


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